Farewell, Fall 2020!

Today I finished my last exam of this semester. Hurray! I am excited for Winter Break and the holidays 🎅

I decided to celebrate by starting a book that I purchased recently and have been wanting to read for a while now: The Mythical Man-Month, by Frederick P. Brooks, Jr. Mythical Man-Month Book Cover

I know the gist of the book is that simply adding more manpower to a large software development project generally (read: nearly always) is not a good idea when trying to get the project out to production quicker. Instead, the goal should be on forming a compact team with well-defined roles. This minimizes the need to communicate with a many different members of a team and helps each member stay focused on their own task.

At least, that’s what I’ve garnered so far. I just finished the 4th chapter this morning. I think the idea of structuring a software development team like a surgical team is great, and I can see how it may have inspired such practices as pair programming. I’ll make another post if I find any other ideas in the book that I would like to discuss (which is not unlikely 🤓).

In other news, I made some site updates today. For one thing, the site now has a sitemap to improve search engine optimization. Also, the site’s protocol is now HTTPS! GitHub Pages made this extremely easy to set up 🙂 Finally, the site now has its own favicon. Take a peek at it in your browser’s tab.